Kiteboarding in Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras

Roatans locations gives almost constant trade winds most of the year. Diving is still the main attraction on the island, kiteboarder seem not to have discovered it yet. The offshore reefs giving a great variety of calm water or wavy conditions. Roatan in Honduras offers some of the best conditions for kiteboarding. Still undiscovered it’s far away from the over crowded destinations like Cabarete in the Dominican Republic or  Cumbuco in Brazil.

Kitesurfing, wind and conditions

Roatan Kitesurf wind conditions
Windstatistics for Roatan, Bay Island. Source: WindFinder, click for more details on wind in Roatan.

Windy season in general is December until August. The most consistent trade wind period is between March and August, February can be good as well. Usually wind speed is around 20 knots if the trade winds are on you have 3-10 days of wind then taking a 1-3 days break and start again.

Kitezone Roatan – East end Camp Bay

Most kiting goes on at the east end of Roatan. The reef is further out and creates a flat and large safe kitezone. The beaches to look for is Papa Bay and Camp Bay. The last is the location of Camp Bay Lodge, they collaborate with “Kitesurf Roatan” and lesson are offered here from December to September. Also consider  Marble Hill Farms, an eco-resort offering casitas and dorm facilities. Onsite you can enjoy diving and kite boarding.


Guanaja kiteboarding

KiteBoarder magazine did an article about kiteboarding on the neighbouring island or Guanaja kitesurfing in Honduras from The Kiteboarder.